Saint Mary’s Hospital Foundation, Inc., Trinity Health

Guide to Hosting a Third-Party Event

Thank you for believing in our mission and choosing Saint Mary’s Hospital Foundation as the beneficiary for your special event! We’re happy to provide you with important information, including these guidelines, to help you prepare your fundraiser.

What is a Third-Party Event?

Third-Party Events are fundraisers organized and hosted by individuals or organizations outside of Saint Mary’s Hospital Foundation and are designed to benefit Saint Mary’s Hospital Foundation. These individuals are usually grateful patients or their families, students interested in giving to their community or fulfilling a community service requirement, or an organization that is willing to donate their goods and/or services or proceeds from a corporate event.

Some examples of Third-Party Events include: cocktail parties, golf tournaments, fashion shows, motorcycle rides, lemonade stands, comedy nights, and garden tours. Proceeds from Third-Party Events may either be directed to the Hospital’s greatest area of need or to a specific area or program as designated by the event organizer.

The event planning and expenses are primarily the responsibility of the individual(s) hosting, however, the Saint Mary’s Hospital foundation will assist in the preparation of the event and provide guidance on the event if needed and able.

Event Approval

Because Saint Mary’s Hospital Foundation and its affiliates are publicly accountable for all fundraising activities, it is required that your proposed event be reviewed and approved by the Foundation before you will be permitted to use the Saint Mary’s Hospital Foundation name or logo in connection with your event. If you would like to host a Third-Party Event, you must first submit a request to do so.