Saint Mary’s Hospital Foundation, Inc., Trinity Health

Savings Bank of Danbury Donates $10,000

Ever since the Savings Bank of Danbury was established in 1849, they have been focused on supporting the communities where their colleagues and clients live. In 2019, they contributed over $670,000 to local agencies and their colleagues logged more than 6,200 volunteer hours in 2019.  In June, they donated $10,000 to the Saint Mary’s Hospital COVID-19 response fund.  This will assist the medical teams as they battle the pandemic and allow them to make sure they have the supplies, equipment and resources needed to maintain a safe environment for our patients and their families.

“We are proud to support your initiatives and all the outstanding work you and your staff are doing during the pandemic,” said Martin G. Morgado, President and Chief Executive Officer, Savings Bank of Danbury.  These are challenging times for all of us but with support from our community and corporate friends, our colleagues will be ready to take care of each patient that walks through our doors.  “Throughout this pandemic, our community has lifted our spirits and has strengthened our resolve and the generosity of the Savings Bank of Danbury reminds us that we are truly stronger together,” stated Amanda Nardiello, MPA, Chief Development Officer, Saint Mary’s Hospital Foundation.