From Our Patients

Aiming to provide the most transformative care, Saint Mary's Hospital Foundation welcomes the poignant stories of each and every patient who felt an impact during their stay. Read the latest stories below, and if you have a story to tell, be sure to let us know.

Woman with male patient in hospital bed

Karen's Story

Karen’s husband Terry was a patient of Saint Mary’s Hospital in May 2018. After passing out cold in their kitchen, Terry was rushed to Saint Mary’s, where he was put in the dedicated care of Dr. Shaw, Dr. Wong and Dr. Zhang for 3 weeks. 

“I have never seen such compassion in doctors before meeting these 3 caring people,” said Karen. “My husband’s issues were extremely serious, but we all fought for close to 3 weeks to save his life...In the end, the battle was lost, but I know we all tried as hard as we could...The doctors, nurses and aids truly shine, and Terry’s stay at Saint Mary’s renewed my belief in healthcare again.”

Male patient with female doctor

Victor's Story

During a bout of illness, Victor was unable to get well on his own. Turning to Saint Mary’s Hospital, Victor was put in the dedicated care of a team of doctors and nurses to find the issue and solve it. After a six-day stay, Victor was able to go home, fully recovered.

“Compassionate and caring, your staff provided superior care in my time of need to assure a timely recovery,” said Victor. “I thank [the staff] of Saint Mary’s for your excellence.”

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