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David J. Martin


David J. Martin

Vice Chairman
Northwest Connecticut Public Safety Communications Center

Dave Martin has held various management positions during his 30 years in the Waterbury Fire Department, including his current position as Fire Chief. As Fire Chief, Martin oversee's 235 employees and manages a $20 million budget all while engaging with the personnel issues and negotiations with 4 separate labor unions. 

Martin was also the Director of Waterbury Youth Services from 2011 to 2018 in addition to serving as Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Waterbury since 2011. He is currently the Vice Chair of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Waterbury. 

Martin's mother was a graduate of Saint Mary's nursing school in 1947 and worked as an RN at Saint Mary's Hospital for many years. Martin's support of Saint Mary's mission is due, in part, to his mother's involvement with the hospital. 

"I have always felt that as long as the decisions of the board are made with the health and well-being of the organization at heart, then they are the 'right' decisions."

- David J. Martin