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The Saint Mary’s Hospital Foundation works behind the scenes, providing vital funding and community support so that our patients have access to the latest technology, state-of-the-art equipment, critical services and new facilities.
Our four areas of funding focus for our 2016 “Be Inspired” Campaign include the Saint Mary’s Family Crisis Fund (formerly Employee Crisis Fund), Technology and Innovation, Scholarships and Education and Caring for our Community. We are excited to share the impact we have. We hope you’ll be inspired too.

Please see the available funds below.

Saint Mary's Crisis Fund

Saint Mary's Family Crisis Fund

Through the Saint Mary’s Crisis Fund (formerly known as the Employee Crisis Fund) we are able to assist members of the Saint Mary’s Family during a time of financial crisis. If you are experiencing a hardship due to extenuating
circumstances, we can help. This fund provides onetime support for living expenses such as a heating bill, mortgage payment, or electric bill. 

Applications are available to all staff. Call or visit the Foundation office for more information.

Technology and Innovation

Technology and InnovationAdvances in technology make it possible for us to provide life-changing and life-saving care for our patients. This year, the Foundation purchased two new cardiac monitors for patients with chronic heart failure who come to Saint Mary’s Outpatient Therapy Department for care. Being able to monitor the heart rhythms, blood pressure, and oxygen status of these patients has greatly improved the care they receive, and is helping them to avoid future hospitalizations and Emergency Room visits.

This is just one of the many ways that technology and innovation are helping to improve outcomes for patients within our service area. The Foundation is proud to be a part of improving and expanding the 
technology our hospital offers, which helps to ensure that our
patients are receiving excellent health care. The Technology and Innovation Fund restricts your workplace giving donation to this specific area of need for Saint Mary’s Hospital.

Scholarships and Education

Scholarships and Education

In 2016, we were thrilled to have provided scholarships to 19 individuals to help support their desire to learn. With your help, we can do more.  Scholarships are available on an annual basis to students who are pursuing education in nursing or the allied health field at the Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate degree levels.

For the first time this year, the Saint Mary's Hospital Foundation offered a scholarship program for employees to help them expand their education and experience for continued opportunities in their career choice.  Supporting this fund makes our scholarship program possible.

Caring for our Community

Caring for Our CommunityThe 2016 Women Fore Women Golf Tournament, held on June 6th, was a great success! Thanks to our golfers, volunteers, donors and sponsors, we raised $65,080 for our Breast Screening Fund.  Through this fund, we have been able to pay for breast cancer screenings for 119 women this fiscal year.  The funds from this year's tournament have been utilized to replenish the fund and continue on our mission to ensure that women in our local communities have access to lifesaving screenings.

Our Breast Screening Fund was also supported this past year by a local school, businesses and individuals who have donated $22,939 since October 1.  Saint Mary's Hospital Foundation is excited to collaborate with other organizations within our community to provide access to care for individuals who may be uninsured and underinsured.